Staple Flame Retardant Acrylic

Optimum Wearing Comfort


Outstanding Technical Values

Permanent & Inherent Flame Resistance


LOI of 43

Available in 1.9 - 2.5 - 3.5 denier

Available in Cut Lengths Ranging from 40 mm - 120 mm




Industrial Textiles, Military and First Responder Apparel, Base Layer Garment

Fiber for concrete reinforcement


Mechanical Stabilization Controls Shrinkage (Plastic Retraction)

Eliminates Crack Formation

Decreases Concrete Permeability

Improves Surface Characteristics (Impact Resistance & Toughness)



Construction, Ready Mix, Countertops, Flooring


Arselon flame retardant yarn


Meets and/or Exceeds the Physical Properties of all Aramids in the Market

Working Temperature 250°-330° C / 482° - 626° F

No Drip Melt

Significant Cost Advantage versus Aramids

Chemically Resistant to Solvents and Alkalis

Moisture Retention Equal to Cotton

Low Friction Coefficient



Industrial FR Application

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Technical Fiber Solutions for Textile Applications

Technical Fiber Solutions
for Textile Applications