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Apparel | Home Furnishings
sportswear, technical wear, intimate apparel, hosiery, swimwear, curtains, linings, trimmings

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Polyester Hollow Yarn

Due to its hollow core, Microvacuum boasts innovative properties such as lightness, thermal insulation, strength and comfort. These characteristics allow for the production of state-of-the–art fabrics for a variety of applications.

Product Dtex / Filament Count Range

• 45 /50 BRT Flat Interlaced on Pirns or Beams
  for Weaving or Warp Knitting
• 167 / 100 BRT on PIRNS
• 52 / 50 BRT
• 250 / 100 BRT as Taslan on Bioconical Tubes
• 630 / 250 BRT